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How to Pick the Best Travel Stroller

There are a variety of options to choose from depending on whether you’re looking for a stroller to travel with or a compact, lightweight one to bring with you. We’ve put them all to the test to help you pick the best travel stroller for your requirements.

The lightweight stroller glides easily and performs well on a variety of terrains. It folds into a compact bag that fits inside the majority of overhead bins on airplanes.

Easy to Fold

The best travel strollers can fold into a compact unit that can easily be stored in overhead bins on planes or car trunks. You should look for models that fold with only one hand, with no having to bend. Some strollers come with a handy strap that allows you to effortlessly carry it over your shoulder when it’s not in use. If you’re planning to spend a lot of time walking on your travels it is advisable to choose an infant stroller with a large undercarriage basket that can hold large diaper bags as well as weekender bags.

The lightweight Babyzen YoYo2 is the most compact stroller we’ve test, weighing just 13.7 pounds and easily being able to fit down aisles in airplanes or overhead bins. It is also narrower than other strollers making it easier to maneuver through crowds in city streets. It’s not the ideal choice for running, rough terrain, or for quick excursions.

Another option that’s lightweight is the Nuna Aer+, which packs a full-size stroller into a compact form that’s suitable for travel on air. It’s compatible with both Nuna and Clek infant car seats (adapters are sold separately) and has a spacious storage bin, and an easy ride on bumpy surfaces. It’s a little more expensive than other travel strollers we tested, but it’s worth the price for parents who regularly use their stroller while traveling.

Some strollers are designed to make it easier to transport them. One example is the Baby Jogger City Tour 2, which has a versatile design. This model is easy to maneuver and can be folded or folded with just one hand. It is compatible with all major car seat brands. Its front wheel suspension and swivel wheels ensure smooth travel on airports, pavements, and cobblestones. Its convenient handlebar height adjusts to accommodate parents of all heights.

Contours takes popular stroller styles and makes them more affordable for travelers. Itsy’s stroller is lighter than the lightweight Pockit but it has a more durable frame, a powerful dual wheel suspension and UPF50+ sun canopy, and plenty of storage. It also features a self-standing fold that’s easy to fold, and it comes with a convenient carry bag and strap for carrying.

Easy to Manoeuvre

The type of stroller you choose must be able to maneuver over all kinds of terrain. This is especially true when you plan to take your stroller on hikes or other adventures where you might encounter rough terrain. Choose a stroller that has a handlebar that is easy to operate and wheels that are designed to grip the surface. It should also be lightweight and manageable so that you can easily lift, carry or store it without much effort.

A good choice is the BabyZen Yoyo2, which is a top-rated umbrella stroller that’s made for travel. It’s a great option for parents who are looking for a premium, easy-to-use product that includes features that a lot of families would like to have in a stroller designed for travel. They include the ability to fold down in a compact manner and an extendable canopy.

It’s a bit harder to push than other smaller strollers however it is able to handle on a variety terrains and is easy to turn. The GB Pockit is another highly-rated stroller. It’s more expensive than some of the other strollers in our rankings however it has many features that many parents want in a stroller that travels. It comes with a user-friendly handlebar that is easy to maneuver and is small enough to fit into the overhead bins on airplanes.

If you’re looking for a sleeker style, you should check out the Zoe Traveler. It is also the top-rated umbrella stroller according to our ratings. It has a minimalist and sleek design, that makes it look like a backpack when folded. It’s also a little lighter than the GB Pockit but it has more storage space and gets an overall higher score for best travel Pram quality compared to the other small travel strollers we’ve test.

The Doona is a fantastic stroller that is FAA approved (with the latch-base) and requires no setup. It’s also durable and comfortable enough for multiple children. It’s a bit more expensive than the other choices in our reviews however, it’s constructed with high-quality materials and was awarded a top score for ease-of-use. It comes with accessories, such as a travel bag and rain cover that other brands require you to buy separately.

Comfortable Seating

The best strollers for travel are designed to give your child a comfortable ride. Look for models with a wide canopy and comfortable seats. If you intend to use the stroller as a babysitter during your trip, it is important that they recline. Also, make sure the seat is suitable for the size of your child. Some strollers are designed to be as light and compact as they can, but this could compromise the comfort of your child.

Luckily, there are plenty of choices that provide both style and comfort. The Cybex Coya, for example, is a stylish stroller which is both lightweight and sturdy. Its aluminum frame is built to last, while its anti-shock wheels and padded 5-point harness ensure a comfortable ride. The Coya also has a huge canopy that provides great sun protection.

Another great option is the Nuna TRVL, which is a sleek and modern stroller that is designed to make travelling with children as simple as is possible. It comes with a single-hand fold mechanism, and is light enough to fit in car trunks or overhead bins on airplanes. It is also available with a variety of accessories and options for customization like weather shields, sun canopies and snack trays.

If you’re in search of a travel stroller that doubles as a stroller for daily use take a look at the Uppababy G-Link 2. This large stroller is easy to maneuver and comes with many features parents enjoy such as cup holders storage compartments, an easy buckle, and adjustable shoulder straps. The large seat reclines and has an enormous UPF 50+ canopy, which has a mesh window that peeks out.

A good choice for families with infant car seats is the Bugaboo Butterfly. This stroller is compatible with many infant car seats, making it a convenient choice for families who frequently travel. The compact fold and mobility of this stroller will allow you to maneuver through busy airports and large cities.

A travel stroller must be comfortable for you and your baby. Select a stroller with an ample, cushioned seat that can recline to allow for naps on long journeys. The seat should also have an adequately cushioned leg rest as this can make for a more comfortable ride. Choose a travel stroller that has a padded handle to allow you to carry it when folded.

Convenient Storage

Many strollers that are designed for travel fold to be so compact that they can be carried in small car trunks or overcrowded overhead bins. They also often weigh less than 10 pounds, which makes them easy for everyone (including children) to carry.

UPPAbaby was one of the first to dive into the “travel stroller that doubles as a daily stroller” category and its Minu is a top pick among light-packing parents who do not want to risk having their stroller checked at the gate every time they travel. The stroller is IATA-certified and fits in most overhead bins, maneuvers like a dream on the plane, and offers various smart features (including a one-handed fold, huge sunshade, comfy seat with a multi-position recline and a large undercarriage basket, and a padded handlebar with a wrist strap and a simple foot brake that is one step).

The Kolcraft Cloud Plus is a budget-friendly stroller, but it feels like an expensive option. It is not the prettiest model or the most compact in our review but it has an easy-to-use frame, and lots of innovative features, such as the ability to recline and a padded brake. There’s also a huge basket underneath the carriage, and the ability to fold it with one hand. Plus, it’s environmentally friendly and comes in recyclable packaging with a 10-year transferable warranty.

The Bugaboo Butterfly is another strong contender, thanks to its slim profile and practical features. In our tests, it maneuvered well across a variety of surfaces including wood and shag carpet, and its bottom storage basket is large enough to fit in a backpack. It’s only downside is its weight (at 17 pounds), which may prevent it from fitting into the overhead bins of smaller planes.

If you don’t have lots of space for storing your stroller at home, think about purchasing a bike shed, or creating a nook specifically for it. A garden shed, particularly is a fantastic place to store your stroller as it’s weather-resistant and protected from the elements. It’s also easy to access whenever you need it. A shed or nook could be a secure place to store your stroller in case it’s lost or stolen when you’re away.

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